Important Shortcut Keys

Micro Soft-Office

MS-Word Shourtcut Keys

Shortcut Key Used in MS-WORD
Ctrl+A Select ALL
Ctrl+B Bold Selected Text
Ctrl+C Copy Selected Text
Ctrl+D Open font formatting window
Ctrl+E Center text Alignment
Ctrl+F Find text and Symbols
Ctrl+G Go To a specific page or bookmark
Ctrl+H Replace text with another text or replace text with different formatting
Ctrl+I Italic Font Style
Ctrl+J Justify Font Alignmente
Ctrl+K Hyperlink window
Ctrl+L Left Font Alignment
Ctrl+M Indent a paragraph from the left
Ctrl+N Open New Document
Ctrl+O Open Saved Document
Ctrl+P Print Document
Ctrl+Q Remove paragraph formatting
Ctrl+R Righ Font Alignment
Ctrl+S Save Opening File
Ctrl+T Create a hanging indent
Ctrl+U Underline Selected Text
Ctrl+V Past
Ctrl+W Cloase Current Window
Ctrl+X Cut Selected Text
Ctrl+Y Undo(Watch Before Action)
Ctrl+Z Redo(Watch After Action)
CTRL + 1 Single-space lines
CTRL + 2 Double-space lines
CTRL + 5 1.5 space lines
CTRL + 0 Add / remove one line space preceding a paragraph
CTRL + ] Redo(Watch After Action)
CTRL + [ Redo(Watch After Action)
CTRL + SHIFT+ > Redo(Watch After Action)
CTRL + SHIFT+< Redo(Watch After Action)
CTRL + END Redo(Watch After Action)
CTRL + ENTER Redo(Watch After Action)
CTRL + DELETE Redo(Watch After Action)
Shortcut Key Used in MS-WORD
F1 Select ALL
F2 Bold Selected Text
F3 Copy Selected Text
F4 Open font formatting window
F5 Center text Alignment
F6 Find text and Symbols
F7 Go To a specific page or bookmark
F8 Replace text with another text or replace text with different formatting
F9 Italic Font Style
F10 Justify Font Alignmente
F11 Hyperlink window
F12 Left Font Alignment
Shift+F1 Start context-sensitive Help or reveal formatting
Shift+F2 Copy text
Shift+F3 Change the case of letters
Shift+F4 PRepeat a Find or Go To action
Shift+F5 Move to the last change
Shift+F6 previous pane or frame
Shift+F7 Thesaurus command
Shift+F8 Reduce the size of a selection.
Shift+F9 Switch field code and its result
Shift+F10 Display a shortcut menu
Shift+F11 Go to the previous field
Shift+F12 Save command.
Ctrl+F1 Save command.
Ctrl+F1 Expand or collapse the ribbon
Ctrl+F2 Print Preview command
Ctrl+F3 Cut to the Spike.
Ctrl+F4 Close the window.
Ctrl+F5 Go to the next window
Ctrl+F8 Insert an empty field.
Ctrl+F9 Maximize the document window
Ctrl+F10 Open command
Ctrl+F11 Open command
Ctrl+F12 File Open.